Salesy Complete Smart CRM is your critically important customer relationship management system. It tracks any business-related interactions and leads, from prospects, sales, clients. Whether it is from a customer’s social media or browsing history, anything that is trackable data is recorded and is able to be accessed from anywhere on the cloud-based servers. This complex tracking system can track customized data so that your company is reaching out to the right people at the right time.

Database Segmentation

Segmentation enables you to filter your populated database so that you can target a specific group within it. For example, supposed you only wanted to contact people within a certain industry. You could select that industry in the custom data field.

You could take it a step further and sort by current customers who are in that industry. Salsey CRM can easily help you sort your database into groups. These groups can be filtered for reporting purposes, for generating sales leads, for marketing a new product based on past purchases for your marketing staff, the ideas are almost infinite.

Tracking activities and automating the CRM is a vital part of this software as it will help you tailor your message and focus it to each kind of client and give them a more personal experience.


Workflow Customization

Salesey allows as many workflow customizations as necessary to make your sales process streamlined. Once your strategy is created, you can set up these custom actions that will be generated once a targeted task happens, and it will help you to sell more.

This unique software allows for salespeople to take notes, and track customer interactions. Because the marketing and sales staff are connected through CRM it can also send reminders to specific people to do actionable things for clients and to follow up on their needs.

There is even a lead scoring system that you can assign points to in order to track which leads are getting the most attention.

Social CRM

Tracking the social media usage of your contacts including their likes and shares. Connecting your social media with your marketing and sales allows you to reach further and Salesy Social CRM connects your social media and contacts.

Salesey social CRM interacts with the clients contact records, meaning all our other powerful tools are available to use.

You can now add workflows when a client likes, shares, or messages you on social media. It’s another chance to interact and engage positively with your clients.


Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics tool uses past conversions and applies their social, historical and other behaviors to future clients to see what may have contributed to their converting. By applying their known behaviors, the software can predict and correlate accurately where your current leads stand.

The information you get in the tool that is already a part of the software is reliable and can be used to enhance your customer experiences with the ones most likely to become sales.

This is a powerful tool that helps you predict and narrow your focus to contact the right leads at the right time to convert them and ultimately drive revenue upward.

Contact research

Salesey is the only CRM software that offers research and validation of public-facing email addresses as part of the package. The validation and research is available for free on chat, and signup/lead capture forms.

The research gives the customer additional instant contact information and data such as social media photos, and interests. This is an invaluable wealth of information.


User-Defined Data

Since every business is different, Salesey has separate user-defined fields to capture items to fit those needs. Businesses can set up as many as they need to ensure that all the data they could ever want on leads and customers is captured.

This is essential so that you can run reports on this data and generate more sales and extend customer relationships.

Salespeople will use the custom fields in the way that makes the most sense for their data capture. They only take a moment to set up but give you so much capability in return.

Contact Tools

Salesey CRM manages the all-important contacts that make your business run. It has all the features and organizational products that you need to provide effective customer relationship management.

From invoice status, to tracking documents and contracts, it’s all in here. Never worry about losing a scrap of paper with notes from your last phone call on it—it will be inside the contact record for that client, along with the event they attended, and their last invoice. Keep everything managed and all in one place.


Automation & Reporting

Automation activities come into play when you couple them with workflow. Once a workflow activity happens, you can set it to trigger another activity or report.

For example, if someone fills out a specific form and you may want a phone call workflow to be triggered. There are endless possibilities for automation of workflows ensuring a consistent and more personalized response from your staff to your customers and leads.

With reporting you can generate reports to show how your sales team is achieving their goals, such as: overdue tasks, completed tasks, etc. Analytics makes measuring performance easy.

Filtering with custom fields

Custom fields in Salesy are there to capture important fields of data that are key to a company’s business. These are fields of data known only to a specific business and used to track certain important items.

They make generating specific reports by product, type of lead, location, or source of lead possible. Customizing by using these fields makes for better, more accurate, specific reporting and the Salesy program is the perfect location to capture all those pieces of data.

Contacting the right lead at the right time leads to more conversions and knowing more about your leads is the key to building the relationships necessary to selling them on using your product.


Project Management

Project management tools are a built-in feature. The Salesey CRM interface can handle detailed notes, tasks, budgets, as well as track progress and time worked on a project and more.

It can be the center in which other departments come to stay updated and focused on projects.

It encourages teamwork and communication between departments and team members when there is a central hub of activity and organization for the project.


Create a hub for important information for your company. Store as many pages, important information, resources, etc., as you need even in MS Word form.

Items can be access-granted so some can remain private. Salesey Wiki is the perfect place for the company wide important documents that help the team do their job.



Salesey CRM functions as a real-time message board when everyone stops by to discuss what’s going on with a project. When people are actively engaged and getting the same information via a forum where they can post questions, request feedback, and reply, the lines of communication are open and productivity and collaboration soar.

Each group has its own panel of discussion and everyone in the group is alerted when a new post is made. Having an organized hub where thoughts are organized and shared lead to a better collaborative environment for projects.

Mobile CRM

Now CRM goes with you, anywhere. The Salesy app synchs with accounts and keeps everything organized so you have all your notes and information with you in every meeting.

You are capable of being anywhere and still able to access everything you need in the palm of your hand. Have the tools and information you need where you need it, with you wherever you are.


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