Marketing Automation System

Salesey smart marketing software will boost your digital marketing activites by using great tools designed by marketers for marketers. It contains website builder, email marketing, mobile marketing, lead nurturing, social media management and website tracking tools. When leads fills out a form on a webpage, you can set up an automation that sends a workflow to send more information and select a salesperson to do a follow-up.

Website Builder

The website is often the official company presence to the online world. Salesy helps you to build a custom website without HTML experience.

Create bold, call to action, engaging sites for whatever your needs, whether it be fundraising, sales, or contact gathering. It’s also easy to set up online stores with e-commerce and track and report on shopping cart abandonment.

Your site through Salesey system is a fully functional website where you can manage your online content and track its performance without any integration, right from the platform.


Email Marketing

Increase sales and drive revenue by converting your email audience with email marketing. Email marketing is in several forms from newsletters to drip campaigns. Your emails will stand out because Salesey features mobile friendly designs, with over 100 templates.

The Salesey online marketing software offers you the ability to segment your contact population and deliver the content tailored to the appropriate leads. Better targeting improves the customer experience which will help to increase revenue.

Email Tracking

Salesy email tracking analytics track how email campaigns are performing with advanced tracking that will tell you who opened, shared, clicked on your message.

Knowing who interacts with them and how can help you fine tune your messages because you are getting to know your client better and what types of content they consume.

You can set up multiple campaigns using multiple templates and track and report on their performance to better hone in on what drives sales.


Landing Pages

Landing pages have a targeted goal, or a call to action usually they are used to obtain lead information. Much like the website build, landing pages can be easily constructed using our system for any marketing campaign.

Salesey system has all the tools and necessary features with no HTML experience necessary. It is the ideal tool to help you create expressive, customizable pages for your campaign. Use landing pages to inform and collect important information about your potential customers which will automatically populate the system contact records.

Further set up workflows and automation to trigger a call, email, or salesperson to be assigned to follow up with this person automatically.

Mobile marketing

Your contacts are on the go and your marketing messages can reach them wherever they are. Set up to broadcast a SMS/MMS text message to your contacts mobile devices. Sending messages only takes a few clicks.

The system tracks every contact that opts-in to receive your messages. Send one immediately or schedule for a specific time. Track text messages to see how well they are received.


Website Tracking

Salesey has real-time integrated website tracking capabilities. This means you can know who is on your site, what products or features they are looking at, and what your contacts engage with the most.

Because you can set up workflows you can have automatic triggers when a lead interacts with a page or product and be sent notifications. Being able to understand how users interact with your site is important to attracting more visitors and converting leads.

Notifications help you interact with leads and customers in a timely manner and provide them with content that is useful, timely and engaging.

Easy Builder

Build your own designer email and content for your brand and company. Easy Builder can be used to make email templates, campaigns, landing pages, or websites—all without the knowledge of HTML.

No need to have a developer design your web space or have a programmer on hand to help with your email marketing. Easy builder empowers you to design and change your content easily.

Use templates and drop and drag from “sections” and easily edit for your own look by modifying the colors or background. Once you have the basics down you can change fonts and even use your own images.


Signup Forms

Design your own form or use a template, either way capturing the information on your call to action page is easy. Using an action to auto-respond to customers, of course after they have been check with Salesey double opt-in feature.

Your site comes with free contact research as described in number 5 under CRM so the new leads will be verified and searched online.

Your customized form using user defined fields and will capture just the right data needed by the sales team in just the right way. Sign up forms creation is easy so acquiring new leads can begin right away.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing allows you to test out different parts of your landing pages to see which one results in more conversions. Is this different headline better? What about this content?

Salesey A/B testing is another built-in feature that shows the metrics of which page had better results, which is critical in testing your strategy and optimizing your page.

Having more information results in being able to make better decisions about your strategy.


Drip Campaigns

Engage with and nurture your leads with an effective and easy drip campaign. Drip campaigns are a series of emails that are automatically sent out over a certain timeframe.

They are a powerful marketing tool to help you engage with leads and clients, and a cost saving tool as well. Filled with relevant content at the right time, they help to convert leads to sales. Creating content whether it is blog postings or other relevant educational material, studies show that drip campaigns are effective for retention.

Salesey CRM makes it easy to not only send attractive messages, but set up multiple drip campaigns to separate groups based on your selection of however you’ve custom sorted your customers. Driving customers to your products, keeping them engaged with the brand, and in turn driving sales.


Journeys is an automated look at your customers travel from first contact to where they are today. It will watch for any pitfalls and alert you of the right time to contact a client or trigger a workflow for a client while watching your email.

It also looks for ways to simplify your work. By understanding how your client navigates your process, you can streamline and watch out for any mistakes the team may have in.



Whether you want an anonymous survey for your website or a specific and detailed survey to track back to the clients contact record, Salesey has the integrated capabilities.

It can gather data for market research, customer satisfaction, or on employee engagement. From a simple poll to a detailed form it is easy and intuitive to set up and track the feedback and results you’re looking for.

Event Management

Any event can be managed through the CRM system. It can track budgets, schedules, assign tasks to specific people, tracks workflow, manages calendars. Specifically, for events you can issue QR tickets, handle attendance, registration, payments, set goals for fundraising, send reminders as it is integrated with the calendaring system.

The options for event management are only limited by your imagination. As you are tracking items for your event you can create reports and monitor all aspects of the event. Guests can receive a QR code as a ticket and workflows can automatically be set up to generate and send them automatic messages upon check in.


Learning Management System

Salesey Learning Management System (LMS) is perfect for company-wide education. Creating courses, inviting people to take the course, tracking progress, and even trigger an automation when they are complete are some of the features of the LMS.

Automatic workflows can be set up to send emails, print certificates, or other items upon completion of the program. The student’s progress is tracked and automatically recorded through the system on their file.

This makes it easy to filter which contacts have met certain requirements and who still needs training.

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