Sales Automation System

Salesey smart selling software helps you to develop and track relationships, by being able to predict sales and behavior. This helps your sales team to make decisions and focus on the person to person contact. Allowing for conversion to sales and generation of more leads. Everything is kept up-to-date and the information can be made into reportable user defined groups. Being able to focus on the customer because you have the information to make better decisions.

Sales opportunities

Tracking your sales opportunities is vital to knowing what customized stage your leads are in. This allows you to also optimize, create, and automate workflows that generate for leads as they pass through each phase.

Manage your sales quotas and have a good handle on your future sales leads by staying ahead of the curve. Generating an automatic nurturing workflow for your sales leads at the appropriate time, keeps them informed and interested.

Since automation is integrated into CRM, it can be set up to customize to your particular business and its repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more personal aspects of sales.


Lead Scoring

Salesey is able to tell which leads are likely to convert and when. It also knows which leads are actively engaging with your brand, and which leads are hot. Salesey has Hot and Cold automation and will tell you who is ripe for the next phone call or contact based on past predictive history.

This will save you time and save you money as you will be concentrating your efforts on the best, most likely to succeed leads. It also will tell you who needs your attention so no one will fall through the cracks.

The CRM system will be able to gauge their interest and with lead scoring it takes the guesswork out of who needs personal attention of a phone call or direct email.

Click to Call

Managing phone calls is important to sales staff. The click to call system allows staff to leave automatic messages. In-bound phone management allows you to route phone calls through a phone tree to the correct department.

The details of a phone conversation will be available for anyone with the proper access because it will be captured by the CRM. Click to call feature enables you to forward calls, transcribe, and record calls.

More importantly you can contact customers where they are the most—on their phones when clicking through the CRM. This is just another feature to track engagement with with your leads and customers.



Salesey is setup with Paypal and so that your ecommerce site is ready to go right away. Things can be categorized, itemized, reported for marketing purposes. There are many kinds of options.

We even have ways to track a shopping cart abandonment so you can later focus on leads that didn’t convert. If a certain lead checks out a product multiple times Salesey will acknowledge this and prompt the sales team to act with a follow up to convert that lead into a sale.

These ecommerce techniques are what happen when the Salesey smart and powerful software gets involved behind the scenes. It aids the sales staff by informing them what happens when only computers could be looking.


Once the first CRM contact has been made, from there a plethora of things can be reported and analyzed. Sales staff can look at reporting such as the hottest products, the least likely to be sold, if there are seasonal trends, leads converted to sales, etc.

They can be reported as numbers, charts, or graphs, giving a more spectacular in-depth view of the characteristics of the business and its CRM potential.

The Sales Opportunity tracking will become the daily focal point to track and identify the possible opportunities and leads.


Sales Reporting

Salesey allows for custom reporting to give you the power to see the data you need in the format that you need it. Comprehending your business, where it originates and how your team interacts with its clients is essential to the business’s ability to convert.

Using the default data fields allows you to operate the custom reporting to suit your needs. The reports generated on a subset of your contacts using your custom data fields provides you with even more detailed information and reporting possibilities. Segmenting your reports by data that you choose can help hone in on specific subsets of your contacts in new ways.


Using workflows to manage and automate several steps of a process not only makes the process simpler for your staff, but the customer ends up getting a better experience from your business.

Workflows help to keep tasks together and generate items once an activity happens. For example, once a lead visits a product on your page twice, a workflow could trigger a salesperson to send them more information about the product via an email message, automatically.

Workflows help everyone to become more efficient, consistent, and organized at their jobs, and help convert leads into sales. Management can see which workflows are triggered how often over a period of time.



Salesey calendar links to/from any other calendar you may already be using, and it helps you manage and track your work life. It has color coded identification for different items.

This allows for sorting of tasks by type and forecasting the amount of time spent on any one type of task. It will allow you to request, confirm, and remind you of meeting appointments. Managers can see all their team’s calendars and check their daily schedules and responsibilities.

The Salesey booking calendar allows people to request appointments and sends confirmation emails. It manages your calendar for you. Sync your calendar to an external calendar, or to another calendar. This allows everyone to spend less time managing a calendar and more time on sales.


Effectively managing customer service issues is requisite to providing great customer service. Using a ticketing system ensures that all issues can be tracked and assigned and followed through to conclusion. This is another built in feature of the Salesey CRM.

Customer support can be consistent and efficient using the Wiki already integrated when responding to customers inquiries. Ticketing also ensures transparency. It will be clear who responded and what the resolution of each ticket was.


Lead Capturing

The customization of the form and user defined fields play a big part in what items you capture. Defining what you need that is specific to your business, then creating forms, and altering the design to make it more eye catching will ensure that you capture the data that is useful to your business.

You can use the ticketing feature for lead capture and it will set up automatic responses from your team to each inquiry. The ticketing system is a great feature for assigning leads to the correct team, setting up different responses for different categories of leads, and for generating an automatic response depending on the inquiry.

Shared Access

When everyone takes part in Salesey CRM, your business’ effectiveness and efficiency rise. Access is customizable to different levels depending on the level of need to get the job done.

Allow access to only the portion of the data that allows them to be productive at their jobs. It’s simple to grant permissions to base-line areas of the system. We also do not limit the number of access accounts per team, so it’s easy to get the entire company involved and on board.

Shared access is the best way to also get everyone to buy in be excited about using the new program and its ability to help them do their jobs better.


Online Chat Integration

Salesey is integrated with Olark which allows you to install a live chat system on your website for customer interaction and sync it through your CRM. This allows for all conversations to be kept, and all data about the user (name, phone, email) that is provided will also be stored.

This data can also be used to generate reports. The goal of live-chat is to save time while collecting relevant information. This is another way you can have a positive interaction with your clients and effectively collect relevant information.

RightSignature Integration

RightSignature is a mobile electronic signature account. After creating your RightSignature account and make your custom template, it integrates with the Salesey system and you only need to use a few clicks to electronically sign documents.

This allows for your team to send and receive signed documents. This can be automated triggered a workflow. Electronically signing what was once a manual task makes it easier to track, send, and receive documents.

Since they are sent through the Salesey CRM system they are already saved into the appropriate contacts record.


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